Balcones  FC

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Welcome to Balcones FC!   During the pandemic in 2020 we decided to use our time stuck at home to learn how to build a professional soccer pitch in our backyard.  Mostly for our kids (who are avid soccer players) - but also for the Baclones neighborhood to play on!  

And, now that we have a really great pitch we host a little 2v2 league in our backyard for our club team and friends.  This site tracks the league and the field and our little 'football club'. 

Our Field

We built a 45x70 foot soccer field in our back yard that we use for training and mini games with friends.  We had a great time learning how to build the field and maintaining it.  This site has a whole documentary about how we went about building the pitch.   Check out that story here: Field Construction 

2v2 League

After a little more planning we decided to start a fun little league to play games that mirrors the english premier league game schedule.  In the spring of 2023 we will kick off the inaugural  season of our 2v2 league and see how it goes - full results kept on this site.