Field Construction

Starting Over - Removing Field Sod

OK - lesson learned!  We decided we needed to tear up the grass and start over.  Put in under-field drainage through the clay soil and then properly level the field before re-laying sod.  HOLY Crap - we're just getting started - and this project just doubled in size and cost - UGH! 

We thought maybe we could only pull up half the grass that was over the clay soil and in all the spots that were too lumpy for a soccer field.  So we marked out all the areas we wanted to 

I started by popping up grass tufts with a spade.  I spent an entire day doing this and the roots were already established in some areas after 2 weeks so it was tough to get under the tufts of grass with the shovel - this is how far we got in a day using a couple of Spades:

Look at all those flags where there was low/high spots....UGH did we f this thing up the first time!!!

So - doing this with hand tools and doing the majority of the field was just not going to be efficient and I might actually break my back trying so we rented a sod cutter and pulled up all the sod.

We then re-laid it throughout the rest of the now, for those counting at home.  We have now laid 4000 square feet of sod.  Pulled up 4000 square feet of sod.  And laid 4000 square feet of sod.  And the field has no grass on it at all!!!!!  Amazingly bad planning here!