Field Construction

Laying Sod!

We had 10 pallets of grass delivered to cover the field and most of the surrounding area.  I didn't think we could lay more than 10 pallets in 1 day and you don't want the turf sitting around on pallets so I figured we could get more brought in a few days later to fill in the rest of the field if needed.  

Here's the first delivery.  My Mom & Dad, my whole family, a couple of my son's friends and my buddy Rob all helped us out with laying sod - and we needed every single person to get the 10 palettes down in 1 day.  

Even my Daughter got in on the action - some of these tufts weight half as much as her but she was a trooper!

Very important to water as you go - Jenni was running the hose around and doing sections as we went.  Best wife ever!

We had about a half palette left after getting the field covered so we put it down around the perimeter of the field and then we ordered more - but done for today!

4 more palettes of grass inbound! 

Some of the tufts of grass were actually really crappy.  You can see in the next few pictures the variance in the quality.  It was really frustrating when you pay for this high quality turfgrass you expect it to be perfect! 

WTF?  Look how crapy some of this is.  This is right after we laid it.  I know that it will eventually fill in and grow but damnit - we're not paying for sod so it will eventually be good, we're paying so this field will be ready quickly.  

The worst part was, we threw away almost a 1.5 pallets of bad grass that was worse than all of these!!   I was pissed and would have called for a refund after a week if we wouldn't have run into some huge other problems with water drainage!!! 

Once we got the turf laid we rollered it to smooth it out and flatten it.  

And DONE!   Now we just water and watch it grow and get ready to play some soccer!